YONEX 2024 Comfort Z3 Mens Dark Red Badminton Shoe

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Our most cushioned model yet, the POWER CUSHION COMFORT Z series is a favourite of badminton legend, Lin Dan, and has been redesigned with two new subdued base colours to give a sportier vibe: Dark Red (men only) and Black/Mint (women only). The two new colours for the POWER CUSHION COMFORT Z will see a worldwide release on February 21, 2024.  

Here are the main innovations and technologies of the new COMFORT Z shoes:


The POWER CUSHION COMFORT Z series is characterised by its high cushioning performance. The heel and forefoot are equipped with Power Cushion designed specifically to absorb shock associated with badminton footwork. By improving shock absorption, our POWER CUSHION+ technology transforms impact into energy for every step you can use for your next move. A 28% increase in shock absorption and a 62% increase in repulsion when compared to the standard EVA materials. 

Feather Bounce FOAM and FEATHER LIGHT X

The propulsion in the COMFORT Z is even more pronounced through the implementation of Feather Bounce FOAM, a lightweight, high repulsion material built to support agile, fast-paced footwork. The Feather Bounce FOAM is 8% lighter in weight, while generating 20% more repulsion than previous COMFORT models. This combined with FEATHER LIGHT X, Yonex’s lightest midsole material, provides smooth and fluid footwork.  

Find racquet-grade repulsion for your footwork with the 3D POWER GRAPHITE DRIVE. Our proprietary graphite sheet is built to flex and generate power and propulsion with each step, while providing stability from unwanted twist.


The grip pattern of the sole has been redesigned creating the RADIAL BLADE SOLE. By finely arranging a windmill shape that combines areas with large and small indentations, the weight of the shoe is dispersed, and the grip is improved by approximately 3%. Resulting in a grip that supports quick dashes and sudden stops.

FLEXION UPPER & Inner Bootie

FLEXION UPPER is utilised for a more secure and comfortable fit. FLEXION UPPER is a soft stress-free design with minimal material overlap and a larger seamless surface. An Inner Bootie is integrated into the shoe replacing the conventional tongue for improved comfort and better all-around fit.  

Toe Assist Shape

The Toe Assist Shape is engineered to enhance your explosiveness by leveraging the fact that agility, speed, and power are often rooted in your big toe. This design is suited for high performance footwork, and als provides greater levels of support for a secure fit. A toe-centric design that cuts down on pressure in the big toe, as well as offering improved support at the mid-foot and heel for a stable fit. Power loss is reduced, allowing for swift footwork.

Synchro-Fit Insole

The construction of the Synchro-Fit Insole creates a secure contact between the foot and shoe, reducing energy wastage through an improved fit. Compared with conventional badminton shoes, the mid to heel section on the insole is elevated to provide an improved fit between foot and shoe. By holding the heel firmly against the insole, the ap between foot and shoe is reduced, improving comfort and performance, ensuring the foot has maximum grip inside the shoe.

Round Sole

The Round Sole is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork. The Round Sole ensures smooth movements and transfer of maximum energy.

See the summary and other additional features of the new COMFORT Z shoes below.