Nicholas Kidd, Founder of Badminton World Balcatta, Nick Kidd Badminton Arena/Academy. Est. 2019



Welcome to Badminton World Balcatta, where the love for badminton is not just a passion but a lifestyle, curated by the vision of former professional badminton player, Nicholas Kidd (Nick Kidd). In 2019, Nick embarked on a new chapter of his badminton journey by opening Badminton World Balcatta, an endeavour fuelled by his desire to create a haven for badminton enthusiasts.

After a distinguished career representing both England and Australia, Nick Kidd recognized the need for a dedicated space where players of all levels could access top-quality equipment, gear, and expert guidance. Inspired by his personal experiences and the joy that badminton brought to his life, Nick meticulously curated Badminton World Balcatta to be more than just a store; it's an embodiment of his commitment to the sport and a community hub for badminton aficionados. This commitment extends further with the establishment of Nick Kidd Badminton Arena, where the passion for badminton is not only celebrated in retail but also experienced on the court. Click Here for more information.

Since its inception in 2019, Badminton World Balcatta has become a go-to destination for players seeking premium products and a personalized shopping experience. Nick's extensive knowledge of the game, coupled with his understanding of the needs of players, has shaped the store into a one-stop-shop for all things badminton in Western Australia.

Badminton World Balcatta is the premier destination in Western Australia for certified YONEX badminton equipment. Our store ensures authenticity and quality in every product. From rackets to shuttlecocks and accessories, Badminton World Balcatta is the one-stop-shop for players of all levels looking for genuine YONEX gear. 

Join us on this exciting badminton adventure at Badminton World Balcatta, where Nick Kidd's vision has transformed into a thriving store and community hub. Experience the game like never before, as we continue to elevate the badminton experience for enthusiasts across Australia and beyond. 



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